Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are questions I commonly heard and my responses to them. I recommend asking similar questions of the DJs you are considering.

"There are cheaper DJs out there. Why should I hire you?" In almost every case, entertainment has the most impact on the success of an event. In other words, the entertainment is not where you should be looking to cut corners. An experienced, professional DJ will instinctively know how to keep your event running smoothly, say the right things at the right time, and play a great mix of music to entertain all of your guests. Jeff Hunter Mobile DJ Service has been in business for more than two decades - we bring that kind of experience and professionalism to every event.

"Can we meet in person before signing a contract?" Yes. We completely understand that it is much easier to get a feel for someone's personality and professionalism by meeting with them in person. The person you meet with before your event is the same person that will entertain at your event.

"Can you play music for a wedding ceremony and reception?" Yes. We have two complete systems at every event, which enables us to provide music for both the ceremony and reception if needed.

"What happens after the contract is signed?" We will work together on the details of your event including music, schedule, announcements, etc. This can be done in person, by phone, and/or by email - whatever you prefer.

"When will you arrive to set up?" We typically arrive at the event location two hours prior to the start of the event to make sure everything is completely set up, tested, and ready to go before guests arrive.

"What will you wear to my event?" For weddings, dress shirt, tie, and dress pants are the standard. For other occasions, it depends on how formal the event is and what the client requests. For example, we once provided entertainment at a wedding reception with a Hawaiian theme. Our clients asked that we wear something to support the theme so we wore aloha shirts. Rest assured no matter what the occasion, we will be dressed appropriately.

"We need someone who will coordinate activities to keep the event running smoothly. Is this something you can do?" Yes. In addition to playing a great mix of music, we make the necessary announcements and work with you and other vendors to help ensure the event goes as planned.

"Do you work closely with the other vendors?" Yes. It is important that vendors such as the caterer, wedding coordinator, photographer, and DJ all work together. For example, we make sure the photographer is present and ready before starting important events like a toast or a couple's first dance.

"Will you keep the music at the appropriate volume level?" Yes. The volume level is monitored constantly. It is very rare that we get a comment about the volume being too high or too low. However, if at any time throughout your event you feel the volume is not at the right level, simply let us know and it will be adjusted accordingly.

"Do you take requests?" Yes. The purpose of having a DJ at your event is to entertain you and your guests - this includes taking and playing popular requests everyone will enjoy.

"Do you put up signs or banners?" No. Our purpose for being at your event is to entertain, not advertise.